you never forget your first time

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do you remember your first kiss?
was it a soft, delightful memory? a passionate, intense one?

i remember mine.
it happened in college, just before i turned 17. (which pretty much makes me a grandma, to some people. ;))

recently, i was scrolling through my newsfeed and i saw his name, a name i hadn’t seen in ages. honestly, i’d forgotten we were even friends on facebook. it’s a strange in-between feeling: one where you feel slightly guilty for forgetting that this person existed because he’s just not on your radar, but realizing that you’ll never be able to forget his existence because it was with him that you shared your first kiss.

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i’m not sure if it’s this ways for guys, and i don’t want to generalize and say it’s this way for girls, but it’s definitely this way for me. people leave footprints on our lives.

i clicked the link to his profile and remembered. i thought of how handsome his smile was and why i even dated him in the first place.

and then i subsequently visited the profile of another ex-person-i-have-dated and thought about another and about how i am a single girl who works full-time in the wedding industry. (so of course i would make it my personal mission to tell love stories for the rest of my life.)

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i look forward to the day i have a love story to call my own, but in that moment i went back to my facebook newsfeed and i kept scrolling.

// what are your memories about your first kiss? feel free to share your story in the comments!