what i made in class today

as many of you know, i’m in grad school. a lot of the time, it feels like my self disappears when it comes to school. most of the time, the way in which what i’m learning relates to my vision for my life feels like a stretch, at best. i guess i just haven’t found the trick to meshing who i am–who i’ve become– with academia, to the point where i’m not sure i have much else to conclude but that they’re we’re incompatible. or maybe i’m too much of a psychologist and too much of a visual person to be enmeshed in theory all the time. photography has definitely made me a lot more of a “practical” person (meaning that i like doing and making things), but i read for fun all the time and being in thought is one of my strengths. tired of theory? no, that can’t be it. it was psychology that made me interested in communication in the first place, though. i don’t know.

but today, we played around in indesign for a while in my graphic design class and i made something i’m proud of. when we had to look for text to design, i went straight to my list of favorite quotes on goodreads and stumbled upon this passage. i know it’s tuesday and this week’s quote is officially a day late, but this selection by rollo may really resonates with me today.

rollo may creativity quote

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lots of love and fulfilled creating,