tools of the trade: business cards

i’m starting a new series on the blog called “tools of the trade,” where i’ll be writing about some of the tools that help me do what i do! this week i’m sharing my business cards! business cards are an essential tool to have in your pocket as a business owner, literally. haha.

my business cards have evolved a bit over the years…

photography by paulina first business cards

my first business card (2012-2013)

photography by paulina second business cards

my second business card (2013-2014)

last week i posted a sneak peek of my new business cards and i’m happy to say that they’ve arrived! this time i ordered the luxe cards from i loveeee the thickness of the cards, the matte texture, and the fact that they’re vertical! for the past two years i’ve designed my own cards from scratch, but this year i wanted to see what designs moo had to offer. it was really easy to customize the design i chose, and make it unique and my own! the awesome thing about moo is that you can order a pack of business cards with different images on them, which is especially valuable for photographers who shoot different genres (portraits, boudoir, weddings, etc.) or who just want to showcase different images! i’m super excited to start handing these out when i’m out & about representing who i am and what i do.

moo business cards photo

my new business cards! (2014-present)

moo luxe business cards photo

luxe business cards photo

moo luxe business cards back side photo

 i hope this post was useful to you!! leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for future “tools of the trade” segments!