to all the creators…

I create not because I want to, but because I must. Because when you don’t it pains you. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. And the rest of your life suffers for it. The degree to which you need to do it is how drastically your life will suffer. A lot of people describe this period, the transition, as a life-or-death kind of thing. Like an “I need to do this, or I will die” kind of thing.  An “I would rather die, or live a life that others wouldn’t choose for themselves, than not do this” kind of thing. There’s a reason for that. Giving in to Resistance will kill you. Okay, so maybe it’s not always that dramatic. But you’ll always have the “what if?” question in the back of your mind (check out some of Steven Pressfield’s work for clarification about

We realize that we don’t want to die with our words, paintings, recipes, cures, policies, music, and photographs still inside of us.

So we work.

For me, this means that I write. And I photograph. And I love. It’s who I am and I have no other choice.

Isn’t that what makes us wonderful, though?

We have an inescapable, tireless dedication to our craft. Our work is done out of love.