three reasons why I love backlighting

I’ll admit it: I kind of have a love-affair with the sun. I consider sunlight to be one of my closest friends.

Photography is all about light, whether it’s sunlight or artificial light. Backlighting is produced when there is a main source of light coming from behind your clients. It’s just awesome!

Here are three reasons why I love backlighting, and why you should too:

1.  lens flare, baby!

2. the golden touch. It gives you a whole lot of radiance with just a hint of sparkle.

3. it helps during sessions when the light from the sun is strong and harsh.

In the photo below, the sun is lighting Bekah and Tyson from the side as well.

In order to achieve great backlighting with the golden touch, you should aim to schedule your session around sunrise or sunset. The light is much more flattering at those times because it’s directional, warmer, and softer. At noon, the sun is directly above you which creates icky shadows under your eyes. Even worse, if your couple is  facing into the sun, they’ll be squinting and will have a difficult time seeing the camera! The light at that time is so harsh that for my photographic style, and it’s not as flattering as it would be at different times in the day (especially sunset & sunrise!).

I hope this post gave you some insight on why you should consider using the backlighting technique in your photos!