the post that brought tears to my eyes

I’ve heard that people treasure artists because artists express sentiments in a way they themselves cannot. (I mean, everyone has a favorite song, right? ;) I am definitely not one to say that someone is an artist and someone is not, because I believe that everyone has something of value to share that can resonate with at least one other person. That being said, when I find a piece that moves me to express myself, I like to share it.

I’ve been following Fabs’ blog for quite a while now, and if you don’t know Fabs, you should. =) Her ministry is inspiring, and her openness and honesty continue to challenge me and help me grow deeper in my faith. She recently posted a piece describing ten reasons why she is thankful for her friends, and as my eyes moved from one reason to the next they became a little teary because I am blessed to have friends in my life who do all of these things and more for me.

It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, especially since I was thinking about how awesome¬†my friends are and about how grateful I am that I’ve met such wonderful people so early in life.

So today, I’m dedicating this post to all my friends, from the bottom of my heart.