the key to a happy heart


You know how sometimes you need to have those heart talks? Honest, heart-to-hearts with…yourself? I’ve made it a goal of mine to become intimately acquainted with my heart. To figure out what makes her happy.

I think that slowly she’s learning to trust me. I think my heart is happy to know that I’m not going to abandon her anymore. So, when I asked, she whispered to me. It’s amazing what you hear when you actually listen.

storybook grey // secret garden

I realized three things on my walk yesterday morning:

I have a secret crush on steel grey;

I really want a vespa;

I don’t want to live in DC anymore.

The first two were amusing. That last one was a little scary. But it’s just about that time of the year when school is finished (yay, summer!) and I’m able to go home to Los Angeles for the next few months and just breathe. And work. Hard.

a day with gorgeous greens

Thinking long-term, I realized that between Los Angeles and Washington DC I would much rather live in LA (sorry, east coast!!), and I will be booking there (or anywhere, really! I love to travel! ;)) this summer and afterward, and if I’m back in DC for school in the fall I would happily fly back to Los Angeles every weekend if it means I get to serve you and keep doing this thing that I love.