the housing search

So, as you may know, I traveled to Georgetown University last week to find housing for the upcoming school year. Georgetown held an off-campus “Search Weekend,” designed for graduate and transfer students to find a place to live. My mom and I got to stay in the on-campus dorms for free during our search.

On the first day, I was feeling kind of so-so about the move. But after having walked for miles and becoming more familiar with Georgetown/DC, having learned 100% more renting in DC, having met two other grad students (one in my program!), and having signed a lease on an apartment, by the end of the trip I was much happier, and I can say that I am excited for the day when I do make the move.

Here are some of the highlights from our trip, camera-phone style:

Me, in front of Healy Hall.

The sign at the famous 75 Steps from The Exorcist film. I’ve never seen the movie, but it made the stairs famous!

The view from the stairs and the view from the bottom.

The view of the bridge over the Potomac River into Rosslyn, Virginia.

We walked through the campus library and I loved this quote.

I ended the trip with my mom and my new roommate, the three of us watching the sun set over the Potomac with cupcakes in hand.

Well, Georgetown, I’ll see you in a few weeks!

Thanks for reading =).