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wppi 2014 conference

it was about two years ago when i first started my journey into professional photography that i first heard about WPPI. the wedding and portrait photography conference. last year i dreamed of going. this year i finally put my foot down and said it aloud: i am going.

and now, this dream i had to attend this conference is finally coming true!!! i am SO BEYOND excited!! i’ve been reading other photogs’ recaps of and tips for WPPI in the past few days. there is a wealth of talent all coming together in one place!! it’s inspiring and exciting and almost a little overwhelmingly awesome. i can’t wait to hear from amazing speakers, make new friends and catch up with others, and walk the tradeshow!! (i also might sneak in another look at the bellagio’s fountain show— it’s gorgeous!!)

everytime i think about WPPI i end up jumping up and down. seriously. i caught myself in mid-air a few days ago and i was like oh, i was just thinking about the conference, wasn’t i? that’s how much of a nerd i am =).

and now i’m finally here and the conference has begun!! i’ll be sharing my adventures in each moment on instagram. follow along there @helloitspaulina! and of course i’ll be doing a recap post here on the blog, too ;).

are you at WPPI too?? which classes are you going to?? leave a comment below to share! =)