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do your hair. // number two

Ahh, Wednesday, happiness day!

(to read more about the inspiration for this series, visit this post)

Today’s commandment is:

“do your hair.”

curly type 4 hair

Okay, so I’ll admit it. It sounds a little silly at first glance to me too. But really, have you ever had those days when 5,000 things are happening and you just want to run out of the house with your hair under a beanie? Because I have. But I know that I always feel better when I take the extra few minutes (okay, sometimes longer with these curls!) and style my hair for the day.

Polished hair=polished days!



happy one year, squiggly hair

one year, one week, and one-plus-one days ago, i stood over a watery bowl in our bathroom and excitedly chopped off the chemically straight, damaged strands of hair weighing down my beautiful curls. i had stopped using chemicals to straighten my hair for almost a year at that point, but atop my head remained a battle between my squiggles and the straight hair. that night, a year ago, i decided the struggle of managing the two textures was enough and i was ready to see what would come of the change… ready to fully commit (cutting your own hair is no joke y’all! lol).

since then, it has been a year full of much joy and many…ahem…mishaps. haha. i’ve essentially been learning how to style and take care of my hair all over again, which is definitely a process. but the relationship i have with my natural hair is for life, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything else.


a photo of me then, right after my big chop:

big chop


a photo of me now:

then and now

happy Monday!!