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currently obsessed: black friday, the neighbourhood, & family

happy friday!!!

this week i’m currently obsessed with….

these black friday deals for photographers!

have you seen any of these? many of them are for software (& who doesn’t like to save on software!) but many are also for education products. thanksgiving is a great time to stock up on information products as it’s when many photographers head into the winter season, a time which usually gives us more time to grow at our craft and our businesses. check out the list of black friday deals here.

this song by the neighbourhood.

i admire this band for their musicality, their age (yay to the young ones!), but also for the bold stylistic decision they made to be photographed and filmed only in black and white.

an instagram photo of my cousin and me yesterday at thanksgiving!

andddddd my family!

it’s so good to be around them this week. i hope you’re able to hold your loved ones close this week <3.