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inspired monday: the beauty of dreams

Okay readers, so I have a funny confession to make: I use the word beauty a lot on here. But it’s alright because I hope for this blog to be a beautiful place! Hehe. Okay, so here’s today’s inspiration:

via pinterest

quote by Marsha Norman; image via pinterest

Isn’t it wonderful to dream? To have goals and aspirations to be working towards? If you ever get to a point where you are forced to question your dreams and reevaluate them, I think it’s good to remember this quote. The fact that those dreams, whatever they may be, resonated with us, means that on a soul-level something is pulling us towards them. It’s kind of self-validating in this way, don’t you think? It’s like seeing the pictures of the book of our lives but not yet knowing the words on the pages. Not everyone is ignited by the same dream; what we wish to materialize in our lives can, if we work towards it; the desire within us is a seed that helps us write the next page of our story. Nobody knows what page “the dream” is on, but some would argue that every page of our story is a part of our dream. What book is your soul writing about you? And how can you live out the story on its pages?

lots of love,