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currently obsessed: pretty jewels & podcasts!

happy friday!!! here are some of my favorites from this week:

ring from lovetatum.com

you know how much i love jewelry! i stumbled across this beautiful ring on instagram and had to share! i love the natural stone look. it’s designed by love tatum jewelry and it’s love tatum so unique and so cool.

lately i’ve been really into listening to podcasts! i’ve listed to a bunch of the freakonomics episodes. i had never thought online dating had parallels to the economic market until i listed to one of their episodes (and now that i think about it, we use the term “off the market” to describe people who are no longer single, so it makes sense! ;))

i’m not a taylor swift superfan, but i do have some favorites of hers (“love story” and “teardrops on my guitar” anyone??! ;)). i heard this song while out and about and fell in love with the vocals– her voice (and the civil wars’ as well) sounds so pretty on this track. i looked up the music video and i think it fits the tone of the video really, really well.

i hope you have a wonderful weekend!! leave a comment and share your weekend plans– there seem to be a lot of friends with birthdays involved in mine ;)