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inspired monday: nothing changes until you do

nothing changes until you do quote

in the past week, i’ve made a few changes in order to bring out the best in my days!

the first thing i did was decide that i wanted to start each day with writing, and end it by reading. granted, sometimes this means i’m reading and writing for school, but my goal is to work on my own writing and read for pleasure each day. to me, reading is a great way to unwind at the end of the day. and writing each morning keeps that muscle going and keeps me moving toward my writing goals =). this goal may or may not involve a cup of tea. morning and night ;).

another change i made a few days ago was to delete the facebook app from my phone. CRAZY, right?!! but it actually ties into the first change i made, in this way: i realized that i didn’t want to start my days by filling them with everyone else’s thoughts, everyone else’s images, and everyone else’s words. i needed to honor the beginning of my days. i needed to create space to commune with God. i needed to cherish my creativity. i would imagine that it’s a lot easier to hear your own voice in the quiet that inevitably comes from intentionally choosing to learn what you have to say, first. on top of that, there were just too many days when i would wake up peaceful and ready to start the day, reach for my phone, click that blue “f” icon, and scroll down my newsfeed to discover something that upset me. whether it was something personal or some news event in the media that struck a core with the masses,  it totally changed the frame of mind i was in and i had to make the decision that this was not okay. i do have to say, it is bizarre that i can only check facebook on my computer now. and i find myself habitually scanning through my phone to check facebook, only to realize that i can’t. it’s simultaneously frustrating and freeing. i still have the messenger app and the pages app for practicality, but man oh man did i spend so much time mindlessly scrolling through my news feed. it may not be a forever thing, but for the time being, i’m getting a kick out of it!

the third change i’m making is less of a practical, visible change and more of a thought-focused one. i decided that i want to stop defining my days by the number of things i accomplished that day. i didn’t even realize i was doing this. when you feel like you have an endless to-do list, with things being crossed off and more things being added each day, i’ve just found it impossible to go to bed at the end of the day feeling satisfied because there’s always something left to do, or worse, something that “could have been done.” yuck. and it was that realization–there’s always more to do–that made me realize that by measuring the value of my days based on what i finished, i was leading a very task-driven life. and as an emotional person who thrives on meaning, this realization made me sad. you might think it useful to measure how “on-track” your days are, but for me it’s just been counterproductive. if i focus on how i’m doing things, how i’m treating the people i come into contact with, how i’m treating myself, then i know i’m living with integrity in my character and ultimately that is more important to me. it’s a huge mind-shift and is something i’m still adjusting to, naturally. but i know in the long run that this is a much needed change for me.

would you try any of these? what kinds of things do you do to make your days your best? =)

wishing you a wonderful week!