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celebrating six months

southern california wedding photographer

six months ago, i became a full-time wedding photographer. you may not have known this because, well, i didn’t announce it. i jumped when i left my then full-time source of income, not quite knowing where i would land. thankfully, photography grew in my life in ways i could not have imagined, and i thank God everyday that i’m able to do this for a living. i’m so grateful for clients who choose me to document their moments for them; for communities of like-minded photographers who support each other; for other wedding vendors and creative professionals who “get it”; for friends who were there when i first started my business three-and-a-half years ago and friends who came along for the ride in later stages; for each and every opportunity that i get to create art and call it my career.

every now and then, i look from side to side and have a “pinch-me” moment—many of the things i imagined and desired that felt so distant to me years and even months ago are now materializing into my life and it’s just such a beautiful thing to experience. in those awe-filled moments, i just can’t believe it: i wake up and feel like i’m living in a dream–but it’s real. this is my life. it’s new for me to be moving into a season of joy—thrilling, fun, fulfilling, and sometimes unbelievable to accept as reality because it in some ways is a dream come true. it’s easy to get so caught up in working and moving forward from day-to-day, but for the past six months, the life of a full-time entrepreneur; the life of a hardworking full-time #girlboss; the life of a creative professional; the life of an artist has been my life. and i couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey.