saying yes

IMG_0461_downtown los angeles travel photo
“Just think of all the things we had to say yes to in order to be here,” my new photographer friend said.
“And all the things we said no to,” another chimed in.
My new friends had a point: that exact moment was the sum of a series of choices we each had made– to leave the Navy, to walk away from graduate programs, to leave people, places, and situations that weren’t right for us in pursuit of something greater. The decision we made that evening to leave our homes and potentially brave traffic in order to get to Hollywood and take a chance to learn something new from a fellow photographer and meet new friends.

The decision to say ‘yes’ to ourselves.

I took a sip of my lemonade and leaned in.

“i hope you find a way
to be yourself someday
in weakness or in strength
change can be amazing.
so i pray for the best
i pray for the best for you.”

the nhbd