a pep talk from emily henderson


image via unique usa


love interiors, so when i heard designer emily henderson was giving a talk at unique la last month, i hurried on over to put myself on the rsvp list.

scout books notebook

the day of the talk, i walked through the door, was handed this lovely notebook from scout books, put my bag down on a chair and followed the crowds of people towards the breakfast bar (it was 7:45 am after all). it wasn’t until i was in line for tea that i realized, oh my goodness, that’s her, that’s emily over there! she was standing right by the door with her team, meeting and greeting the few brave souls who went up to talk to her. i couldn’t think of anything else to say besides “i admire your work (um, hello, the fig house??! would love to shoot there!) and respect you” and at the risk of sounding too much like a fan girl, i stayed in line.

it’s funny, because normally i push myself outside of my comfort zone and introduce myself to the speaker whenever i go to these kinds of things, but that friday i was feeling…quieter. i told myself, “maybe afterwards” and found myself in a very engaging conversation with the person in front of me in line.

the talk went over time (of course! =)) and i didn’t get the chance to introduce myself to emily afterward, but i’m so glad i was able to go to the pep rally. it was grounding. emily is a talented and charming interior designer, blogger, mother, and business owner who had her own television show and i got to see her. hear her speak. know that with all she’s accomplished, she’s a real person who lives and breathes and has blood coursing through her veins. and that was valuable enough, for me anyways.

be sure to visit unique’s website to sign up for their upcoming pep talks!

here’s a big thank you to the sponsors who put on this incredible event:

// unique usa for fostering a community of creatives
// scout books (how did they know i have a penchant for tiny journals? oh, right, it’s a creative thing.)
// coffee & tea & breakfast goodies from nescafe dolce gusto