it’s possible for you. // number six

living room lounging

I’ve read Gretchen Rubin’s blog for a years now, and recently I was inspired to actually make my own list of happiness commandments. So, over the next twelve weeks I’ll be writing about one of my personal commandments each week.

This week I’m actually starting with commandment number six (eek, I know, going out of order!) because it’s the most recent and I feel called to write about it first.

So, here goes! =)

number six:

“this life that you want? it’s possible for you. it is!”

I came to this realization the other day and found it profound enough to add to the list. This goes for my dreams, and for all of yours. Whatever that wild, crazy, can’t-admit-out-loud-for-fear-of-sounding-stupid/deviant/silly/nontraditional, put-in-the-corner-and-look-at-every-now-and-then dream or desire of yours is, it’s possible for you. Not just for “them,” who have whatever thing you think you lack that brings them success. You have you, and that is all you need.

This is on my list of commandments because sometimes we think that our dreams are a little crazy when in reality, they’re not as strange as they seem. I mean, the fact that you have a “they” to refer to means that people are living your dream! (or at least, a version of it.) Which means it’s possible for you too. And that’s something that’s always great to remember, right? =)