inspired monday: let the beauty we love be what we do

rumi beauty quote

this week’s quote, by rumi, is one of my all-time faves. i love it so much that i have it engraved on a copper bracelet of mine (which you may remember seeing here).  i know i’ve mentioned this quote before, but i think i needed a reminder of it today especially, as beauty is one of my core values. i think that love is beautiful–the love between family members, the love between a Savior and His child, the love between a bride and her groom, the love conveyed by rays of sunlight in a sunset– and as long as i am striving to honor that beauty in whatever way i can, i know i’m on the right path. what things do you find beautiful? leave a comment below to share!

have a beautiful week!

lots of love,


(p.s  i am so excited and honored to be featured on Capitol Romance today!! sam & mike’s engagement session is live and it’s my first wedding-related feature! check out their story here.)

(p.p.s do you ever have those moments when you finally carved out the time to do some things you’ve been meaning to do and it somehow a good chunk of it all gets done?? that’s how i’m feeling right now!! next on my to-do list: working on my website update! ;))