inspired monday: mysteries of the earth

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i’m so glad it’s finally warming up over here so i can do just that– dwell among the mysteries of the earth. can you believe it snowed yesterday?? it actually snowed here in DC, which was a bit of a shocker considering the forecast only called for rain, lol. but i’m super excited about warmer weather because it means i can shoot outside again!!

i recently acquired a new lens and did a test shoot this weekend…. because of the hail/rain/snow mix that happened yesterday, i had to shoot indoors. here are some sneak peeks from the indoor portion of my bridal boudoir inspired shoot! it’s amazing to see how much i’m growing… every shoot i learn something new. my experiences, good, awesome, and less than, along with the practice of shooting…of learning how the body works and where light shines and how shadows fall and how to bring feeling into my images all make me a better artist day by day. and i couldn’t be happier about that. i’m so grateful. these are all self-portraits and they for sure were not easy, but oh so worth it. (i also have been asked to write about my self-portrait process and it’s on my to-blog list! so if you’d like to know how i shot these and wants some tips for you to shoot your own, stay tuned for that! ;))
los angeles boudoir photography photo

los angeles boudoir photography photo

los angeles bridal photography photo

photography by paulina los angeles boudoir photography photo

i can’t wait to shoot the outdoor portion of this shoot soon!


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