inspired monday | business, babies, and faith

faith quote photo

whoever said “your business is like your baby” was totally right. i’d heard this phrase numerous times in the past, but always thought of it figuratively (i don’t have kids yet.) i think i’m moving past the naive “oh, your business is like your baby because you love it so much and help it grow” phase to the keeps-you-up-late-at-night, wakes-you-up-early-in-the-morning but-you-love-it-so-much-and-want-to help-it-thrive phase. it’s good for me–it means i’m growing as a business owner, a woman, and a photographer.

i’m doing quite a few things to streamline my business and provide a more personalized experience for my wonderful clients in the new year, and while i’m very excited about it, i’m also experiencing waves of the is-this-going-to-work?!!? anxiety. is this system/product in line with my vision for my business? my principles? those are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night and force me to be less of a mainstream, people-pleasing business and more of a brand. a business that chooses to stand for something. a leader. not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. two and a half years in the photographic industry has taught me that i’m not the photographer for everyone, but i am the ideal photographer for some. (see, even the first half of that sentence made me nervous! but it’s true– i am not the photographer for everyone. and that’s a great thing, because it makes the connection with my perfect-fit clients even that more special.)

in the new year, in the midst of these changes, i’m taking a vow to be open with you here, on my blog. and i refuse to let those lingering questions keep me from implementing changes that will help me grow (and from getting enough sleep!).

i hope you’ll join me in keeping the faith towards your dreams and goals in the upcoming year.

much love,