how to: preparing for your portrait session

photography by paulina portrait session

I am a strong believer in the idea that part of what makes a great photo session is the preparation that happens beforehand. I love giving my clients an info pdf that helps them become more comfortable with what to expect in a session with me. =)

Some takeaways from the pdfs…

  • Don’t be afraid to bring multiple outfits! This is your chance to be your creative, fashionable self! If you have a particular outfit that you love, this is the time to bring it out to shine! 
  • If you’re being photographed with your significant other, don’t feel like you have to match colors and textures exactly. Switching things up makes for interesting photos too!  Just you’re matching in formality (ex. both of you wearing jeans, both of you wearing more formal clothing).
  • I work on-location and love hearing about places important to you, so don’t hesitate to let me know if you want to be photographed somewhere special.

photography by paulina engagement session

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes!