going all in

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the tv show Gossip Girl (warning: spoiler alert from the season 5 finale), but there’s a couple whose story is worth a mention. To give you a little background, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass have had quite a tumultuous relationship: including happenings that ranged from a proposal attempt, to a car accident, to plans of running away together. Despite the fact that the two of them had deep feelings for each other, one of them was never ready to be with the other. When she was ready, he wasn’t: and the reverse. Of late, the unloving person was Blair–she had spent the past few months in a relationship with another guy, while Chuck waited patiently for her yet pursued her aggressively. But JUST as she realized that Chuck was her true love (duhhh!!!!!), Chuck received some flack from his ever-distant father for his everlasting love and pursuit of Blair. His father’s mockery and betrayal made Chuck cold-hearted again, and he wanted nothing to do with Blair.

Now, I’m not writing this post to be another TV review (haha), but get this: When Blair realized that Chuck had closed her out (again?!?! =( ), instead of admitting defeat or pining away for him, she did what a true Waldorf would have done–she decided that she was “all in.” (see the video clip below for added effect =).)


I am Blair. Okay, not really. Haha. But I’ve decided that despite the odds, despite my age, my schedule, others’ opinions, despite everything, I am taking my relationship with Chuck–I mean, photography, to the next level. I’m going all in, because I love it. Because you who are reading this inspire me. Because I can’t imagine my life without photography…without art. And some part of my heart lights up with the idea that maybe, just maybe, it needs me too.

By taking little steps that feel like leaps, I have faith that I’ll get there. Photography won’t have to tug at me anymore; instead, we’ll be in a committed relationship that feels a lot like love. And love is beautiful.