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union station

union station

Over the weekend I hit my “I’ve-been-living-in-DC-for-one-month” mark. One month ago, I anxiously boarded a plane to DC for a move that I knew would change my life. I can honestly say that when I was accepted to Georgetown, I was resistant. (What??!?!” Who would be resistant to GEORGETOWN, you ask? Well…I was.) I was about to graduate from undergrad and felt pretty really burned out from school. I felt that I was ready to move into the working world, pursuing my dreams of opening a photography business on the side until I could make it full-time. I didn’t understand why God was suddenly calling me to graduate school right away, and even more, to DC. And to be honest, I still don’t.

The initial resistance and confusion I felt, along with the fact that this move was nowhere in my immediate plan gives me confidence that it is only by His will and grace that I’m here. Each day I move forward in faith, trusting, because being here is what’s best for me right now. Everything that has happened, and is happening, is for my good. Opportunities that didn’t pan out made me focus on the ones I truly want to be making. And lately I’ve been waking up every day excited and inspired for those ones. It just might be that one of the most valuable gifts I’ve been given here is freedom. Yes, I have schoolwork and reading–lots of it. But I’ve also been given the freedom to bloom where I’ve been planted: to create the life I want to be living.

One of the biggest blessings and greatest challenges I’ve faced so far is the simple fact that everything is new.  It’s hard to describe the sensation of feeling like a freshman, but not exactly being one. Of being on a college campus but being removed from traditional undergraduate collegiate life. The thrill you get from the chance to explore a new city can also be a little overwhelming at times. Getting lost can be fun and adventurous; it can be intimidating too. So far, I’ve experienced a little bit of everything…from happy times surrounded by tons of new faces, to times when I’ve sobbed on my bed clutching a vase holding the only other living things in my room: beautifully innocent flowers.

Overall, I’m slowly settling into a pattern of life here. I’m meeting amazing new people. My classmates and professors are so intelligent and interesting! I love that I can take what I’ve been learning in the classroom and apply it to my life…to my business. And I love that I get to take the culture around me and look at the various ways technology is shaping the way we communicate, and get into intellectual discussions about it in the classroom.

Happy one month, DC. And many more to come.