ebonee | a downtown portrait session

i was SO EXCITED to hear from ebonee a few months ago when she first reached out to me about planning a shoot. ebonee and i went to college together at USC, and hadn’t seen each other in some time so it was really great reconnecting! ebonee is a writer, speaker, and all around amazing woman who is on a mission to dispel the myth of the “superwoman.” especially with social media, it’s easy to feel like all eyes are on you all the time, and we place unreasonable expectations on ourselves do to everything. everything everything everything. (oh wait– is that just me? ;).) all the stress those beliefs bring is unnecessary. ebonee truly has a gift and a message to share! we planned for the shoot to be focused on this particular theme of her overaching message.

ebonee, i am so so very excited for you and i can’t wait ’til your book comes out! <3

if you’d like to #hangupthecape and learn more about ebonee, you can find her over at www.eboneespeaks.com.

downtown headshot session photo_0001

downtown headshot session photo_0002

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downtown headshot session photo_0000