easter & ben: UCLA engagement session

One of the most important things about coupledom is being able to laugh together. I’m pretty sure that Easter and Ben have mastered this art. They are so comfortable with each other it’s ridiculously cute. Their ability to be silly with one another puts others at ease too. Easter, Ben, Kenny (a talented photographer and dear friend of all of ours), and I shared many a laugh during our time taking photos together. Ben and Easter are a couple that radiates joy and love from within them, and we all had so much fun during their engagement photography session.

Easter and Ben both were students at UCLA, so it was really special to be able to come back to the university for their engagement session.
Not to mention, the campus is beautiful and has some spectacular architecture!

What a handsome smile, Ben!

Then the happy couple moved inside for a little reading…

Book trucks: who knew they could be so much fun?!? =)

Then we went back outside to bask in the beautiful golden sunset.

Easter…you’re gorgeous.

Easter is so thoughtful, she even bought Ben his own engagement ring, as a gift. The gift was a surprise for Ben during the engagement session, and it was so special to be able to capture this moment for the two of them.


Dearest Easter and Ben,

Thank you for allowing me to take your engagement photos. I am so happy and excited for your wedding and future together!