currently obsessed: warm weather, bling, & “team”


this picture is an oldie but it captures my feelings about the sun pretty well. props to my brother for taking this!

i’ve been in los angeles this week and i have to say that i am loving the warmer weather. every now and then i’ll take a break and walk outside and just sit there….basking in the sunshine and letting it warm me from the inside out. i just love the sun.
unique engagement ring photo

as a wedding & engagement photographer i see quite a few rings, so sometime in the past week i went on a “pinterest ring spree” and was looking at a bunch of unique engagement rings. this one was one of my favorites–doesn’t it remind you of a rose? you can view the rest of my favorites on pinterest here. =)

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… i am still obsessed with lorde! here’s one i’ve been listening to quite a bit lately.

happy weekend!! (it’s almost christmas!)