currently obsessed: apple and the iphone!

instagram iphone photo

i just got a new iPhone! i’m so excited to have access to the iOS versions of certain apps now– and to have access to some apps period! (many developers still only make apps for iOS devices.)  i shared the happy news of my phone upgrade (my old phone was no longer functioning…and to be honest, it had been my trustworthy sidekick for years but it was time for retirement) and many of my friends said something along the lines of, “welcome to the club!” i felt like i had gained entrance into a secret society or something! there is definitely a certain kind of exclusivity to Apple as a brand, which is interesting to look at from a business perspective (yes, i actually think about these kinds of things, haha).

the image above is a screenshot of my instagram profile, where i posted the first images i took with my first iPhone! you can view those here. =)

do you have any favorite apps or cases? leave a comment below to share!

happy friday!!