currently obsessed: buzzcuts and cuddles!

happy friday!! i thought i’d introduce a new series to the blog (the second this week!) called “currently obsessed!” each friday i’ll be posting some of my favorite things of the week!

this week i’m currently obsessed with “buzzcut season” by lorde! her song “royals” was popular (and a bit overplayed!) on the radio this summer, but i found that i like this song of hers even more! thanks to my friend mark who introduced it to me!

catching fire!! i haven’t seen it yet but everyone is posting about it and i can’t wait to see it! plus, i love coldplay, and their song is featured in this promo video!

pusheen the cat pusheen is just about the cutest cartoon character that i’ve seen for a while! seriously, just one look at pusheen puts a smile on my face! click the image to see a recent gif of pusheen cuddling–it’s so cute! i was so inspired by her that i dressed up as her for halloween. it’s. that. serious. =)