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sometimes, you just need to step outside beneath the ever-blue sky with your toes on the ground and your skin in the sun and feel the warm breeze moving through your hair & splashing all over your face. it’s that breezy kind of summertime.

(p.s. i totally won’t judge you if you do a little twirl in the sunshine. =) )

the drawing board

“Are you going to listen to me this time?” her heart said. Tired of mumbling, it spoke quite clearly. “This is it.”

She sat on the floor and cried. Faced with the consequences of what happened after the other times she had not listened, she knew she needed to make a new choice. Oh, but where to begin?

“Come up with your ideal life in each place,” her heart suggested. “Figure out where you’d live, how you’d get around…”

That sounds like a great idea, she thought. It was a start, at least.

So, she opened a new window in her browser that was soon to be filled with nearly a hundred tabs of research. She would come up with a plan for each place and whichever worked out best, well, that’s where she would go.

sacred space

sacred space


once upon a time

a girl wanted to go to a grocery store to buy a jar to run into a boy but robbers came and she escaped and she waited for the bus to the store and then it came and she got on it and then her mind shifted and her eyes opened and she got out of bed.

she had to keep moving.

she walked out the door and had a cupcake and found a flower and made a wish…

she thought and she listened and she meditated.

she read and she cried and she walked around and around.

and there in the labyrinth on the ground and in the labyrinth in her mind that led to the one in her heart she felt the heat of the sun and the cool of the wind on her golden skin and she looked up.