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inspired monday | creative inspiration

twyla tharp quote

happy new year!! i’m currently reading the creative habit by twyla tharp (it’s linked in the sidebar), and i absolutely loved this quote from the book. our experiences shape us, and everything, everything can be used for a creative purpose. isn’t that beautiful? what kinds of things will inspire you this week?

standing by with a journal-at-the-ready,

inspired monday | business, babies, and faith

faith quote photo

whoever said “your business is like your baby” was totally right. i’d heard this phrase numerous times in the past, but always thought of it figuratively (i don’t have kids yet.) i think i’m moving past the naive “oh, your business is like your baby because you love it so much and help it grow” phase to the keeps-you-up-late-at-night, wakes-you-up-early-in-the-morning but-you-love-it-so-much-and-want-to help-it-thrive phase. it’s good for me–it means i’m growing as a business owner, a woman, and a photographer.

i’m doing quite a few things to streamline my business and provide a more personalized experience for my wonderful clients in the new year, and while i’m very excited about it, i’m also experiencing waves of the is-this-going-to-work?!!? anxiety. is this system/product in line with my vision for my business? my principles? those are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night and force me to be less of a mainstream, people-pleasing business and more of a brand. a business that chooses to stand for something. a leader. not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. two and a half years in the photographic industry has taught me that i’m not the photographer for everyone, but i am the ideal photographer for some. (see, even the first half of that sentence made me nervous! but it’s true– i am not the photographer for everyone. and that’s a great thing, because it makes the connection with my perfect-fit clients even that more special.)

in the new year, in the midst of these changes, i’m taking a vow to be open with you here, on my blog. and i refuse to let those lingering questions keep me from implementing changes that will help me grow (and from getting enough sleep!).

i hope you’ll join me in keeping the faith towards your dreams and goals in the upcoming year.

much love,


inspired monday | perfection is a myth

perfection is a myth photo


if you can’t already tell, i’m in the process of building my new website (this is my soft launch!), and with a new website comes the natural kinks that need to be worked out. last night while doing some work on the site, minutes turned into hours and soon i was hunting through the archives on an old photoblog of mine for some images…but what i found was much more valuable.

in setting up anything new… a website… a business… a relationship — it’s so easy to focus simply on closing the gap from where we are to where we want to be, as soon as possible. but as i dug through my old site i was reminded of the following:

That’s the thing about art that’s difficult for perfectionists like me…there is no objective standard of perfection. Everything is open to interpretation. And in that sense, perfectionists are striving for something which cannot be obtained. Interesting. Whenever I get too hung up over the details of a project or upset because things didn’t turn out how I planned them to, it’s always good to remember that my creativity cannot be limited by an idealistic picture of how things are supposed to look, and that being able to adapt to and work with the form that I have in front of me is a beneficial skill. And that’s applicable to many walks of life.

those are some pretty wise words from a nineteen-year-old college student. i guess i was pretty self-aware. ;)

as soon as i read those words written years ago, i took a deep breath and thought: you’re doing it again, paulina. rome wasn’t built in a day. this is going to take some time– more than you’d like– and it’s okay. things won’t be perfect but they will be beautiful, and they will be you, and that’s what matters.

honestly, i’m still a little in shock about how candid i used to be on my photoblog. i used to treat it more like a journal, being open about my faith, my struggles, my triumphs, hopes, dreams, loves…

as a writer, i miss that. last week i had an epiphany when i realized it’s been a while since i’ve written something, anything, that matters. to me. i’ve been so tremendously blessed with the opportunity to have a taste of my first busy fall wedding season, shooting weddings each weekend more often than not in the past nineteen weeks.

i hope that each time you visit the site you discover something new: as with all new things, it’s a work-in-progress.

i hope that this new website brings a fresh start…that the pages of this online journal will call me home.

inspired monday | a life of adoration

i adore myself and everyone else quote

i remember first seeing this quote decorated on the bathroom mirror at cafe gratitude. i made note of it because it was so striking– could you imagine what peace we would experience on earth if everyone committed to adoring not only other people, but themselves? it’s definitely something that’s good to be reminded of.

wishing you a happy monday & a blissful week,