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featured in tastevin magazine!!

Hi everyone!! I’m so excited (like literally, over-the-moon) to announce that my work has been featured on Tastevin Magazine!!

Remember the lookbook shoot I did for Well, my images are featured in the “Share Your Wear” section!

Also, Janel Parrish (who plays Mona on Pretty Little Liars) is featured in this issue!! I’d love if you checked it out!! There’s a lot of great content there! =)

Thanks for all your support!!

Paulina // fashion lookbook shoot!

I think a part of me is secretly Spanish.  I’ve been yearning to go back to Spain (and the rest of the Mediterranean ever since) ever since I left it almost two years ago after living there for four months. So, when a good friend of mine approached me about photographing the images for her mother’s fashion line,  Ara.Barcelona (created in Barcelona!!), I couldn’t have been more excited.

It was a fun filled day of climbing rooftops, taking photographs, and lots of laughter, of course!


Paula, one of our fabulous models looks stunning in this black & white outfit! | |


I love these images of Nerea, our other beautiful model for the day! |

watermarked_0081 |

IMG_5311_200000 | |



This one below is a favorite. =) | |

Behind the scenes images of Elisabet shooting video and some stills!


IMG_5736_200000 |

IMG_5483_200000 |

IMG_5505_200000 | | | |

Silly & beautiful.

IMG_5559_200000 | |


IMG_5648_200000 | | | | | | |

IMG_5770_200000 | | |


And then the wind picked up and a paper flew off the roof and onto a ledge…




and all hands were on deck to get it back!


My beautiful friend Elisabet, so relieved that Nerea was able to save the paper!

IMG_5913_200000 |

One of my favorite images from the shoot. Windblown. | |

Having fun!!





IMG_6050_200000 | |

IMG_6054_200000 |

Some of my favorite images I’ve ever taken, no big deal. ;) |

ara.ben fashion shoot 1 |

The girls thought one of the dresses from the line would look good on me, so I got to be in front of the camera for a little while, too!

Paula took these ones of me; she’s a photographer too!


ara.ben fashion shoot  |

A celebratory meal after a day’s work!


Ara.Barcelona is having their first trunk show in DC next weekend! You’ll be able to purchase pieces from the line there =). For more information about the line, visit their website: If you have more questions about the line, contact Sonia at