bekah & tyson: palos verdes engagement session

Bekah and Tyson. Wow. Where do I even start with these two? I could tell you that in the little-over-a-year that I’ve known them, we’ve become great friends. I could tell you about how their love of music and Jesus played a large role in their love story. I could even tell you about the way Tyson romanced her by involving her whole family in the surprise of her proposal. But I think I’m just going to settle for this: Bekah and Tyson are two of the most easygoing, relaxed, and loving people I know. The love that they show each other, and everyone they befriend and encounter, is inspiring.

Her pretty ring… it’s timeless.

The lovely couple had some fun in the park! I love how you can see the ocean in the background…

Then we walked down to the beach as it got cooler…

Look at that diamond sparkle! =)

The sunset gave them dreamy light to spend time together in.
As the sun disappeared from the sky, we moved to our third location in Malaga Cove, where Bekah and Tyson got a little fancy-schmancy.

And boy, did they impress! Tyson, you are so handsome! I don’t think there are many guys who can
look so strong during a casual lounge against a tree. Bekah, you are effortlessly beautiful. To know you is to love you, my dear.
(And I believe Tyson agrees with that! =) )

Thanks to both of you for letting me document this special time in your lives!


Which were your favorites from the session? Let everyone know by commenting below! =)