barnes & noble adventure

the warner theater nutcracker


i left the bookstore, expecting to face frosty air and dark, deserted streets.

instead i was embraced with the energy of the city at night. the fact that the streets were filled with people out and about, despite the cold, put a smile on my face.

i have a unique admiration of the lights and sounds of a vibrant metropolis, and even more so at nightfall. whenever my family would drive by the skyscrapers downtown, my eyes would be glued to the windowpane, taking in the cityscape.


i was feeling everything that pretty much any student anywhere feels during this time…the space in-between holidays that’s often filled with stress and exams instead of festive cheer, wintry musical selections, and quality time with family and friends. i decided that a trip to a bookstore was in order, and off i went!

taking some time for myself yesterday, even in the midst of approaching final papers and projects, was a worthwhile decision.  it was so nice to just allow myself to get lost in whatever met my eyes. i picked up dozens, literally dozens of books, but i couldn’t commit to buying one in the store. i guess i was afraid of buying something and not liking it. i think i’ll wait a few more weeks (when I’ll have more time to actually read) to buy most of them. i’ll check some out at the library back in my hometown too. i’m excited for that =).

here are a few that looked interesting to me:

       mindy kaling is everyone hanging out without me   rumi 

   love anthony   in sunlight and shadow

i wandered the bookshelves for hours, tantalized by the touch of various book covers and the leaves beneath them.

maybe part of me was afraid to buy anything because I wanted to write a story of my own…