anything could happen: nyc day two

One of my pump-up songs from last week was Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen.” I had it on repeat leading to my departure for NYC because it has such an anticipatory forward-looking mood to it. I went to NYC not knowing exactly what to expect but knowing that it was going to be an awesome experience. Here’s what happened on day two…

I went back to the Javits Center last Thursday, eager to visit the Photo Plus Expo and see all the awesome vendors on the trade show floor. Let me tell you, it felt like walking into a toy store before Christmas! There were photographers everywhere, lenses and gadgets to gawk at and drool over, presenters giving lectures and photoshoots with models, all happening live. I left with a whole lot of brochures, flyers, and magazines–aka lots of information to bring home and go over. I had a feeling that the expo would be especially fun, and it definitely exceeded my expectations.

a photo of myself in front of the javits center

Then I left the tradeshow for another (free) photography conference happening just a few blocks down… ShootNYC! I wanted to hear John Harrington give a talk about licensing and copyright, especially because many of my classes deal with intellectual property issues in a digital age.

After some more fun at the tradeshow, I went back to shootNYC to listen to Lara Jade! She was on creativeLIVE that week and it was awesome to meet her in person. I mentioned that I was headed to the creativeLIVE photowalk after her seminar, and she said she I should stick around because she and a few others were going too! Can you imagine being invited to go to an event with the speaker of the seminar you just attended??? It was pretty cool.

Time was passing quickly though, and I realized that I had to make a decision: make my 7:30 p.m. bus and get back to DC at midnight (…anyone else reminded of Cinderella by that?) or go on the photowalk with incredible people and have faith that somehow I’d make it to DC before my presentation Friday morning.

My decision was made when I imagined myself sitting on the four hour long bus ride to DC, wondering what could have happened at the photowalk. I knew I had to stay.

Ironically enough, I hardly took any photos at the photowalk because I was too immersed in meeting more industry leaders (Sue Bryce!!!) and the incredible creativeLIVE crew who brought me to New York in the first place! (and everyone in the creativeLIVE community who was there =) ).

I missed my bus back to DC that night but couldn’t have left without going to the photowalk. And I’m so glad I did.

How did I get home and back for day 3?? Check back tomorrow for the final part of the NYC saga!