a personal shoot

by the sea quote

last week, i went location scouting for an upcoming shoot–one that had been on my mind for a long time. i finally said to myself, this is it. the time to do this is now. so i planned. sent emails. hoped and prayed and was so grateful to find other vendors to collaborate with, those who also fell in love with my vision for the shoot.

the shoot. once upon a dream, now becoming reality.

last week i drove the winding roads through the santa monica mountains… i’d never known what beauty lay slightly further west of my usual routes through los angeles. after the sun set, i drove home that evening with sand between my toes and peace within my heart.

today is the day of the shoot, and i can’t believe it’s really happening! it started as an idea–a desire to branch into a more intimate kind of portraiture–and evolved into something much more meaningful. this shoot is the first of a series of brand-defining, personal work for me.

here’s a peek at some of what’s to come. (a few of these images will be available as prints in my upcoming print shop next month! yay, wall decor! ;))

pink flower at the beach photomalibu sunset photo

if you need me, i’ll be by the sea…