luxe linen launch | sneak peek

earlier this spring, i had the opportunity to work with the amber events team on capturing their tablescape for the luxe linen 2015 collection launch event at the bel-air bay club!

here’s a sneak peek of rooftop sunset in zanzibar…

photography by paulina los angeles fine art wedding photographer succulent wedding tablescape photo photography by paulina southern california fine art modern romantic creative wedding photographer photo

more to come!

// photography: photography by paulina

// creative direction, styling, and florals: amber events and fiore designs

// venue: bel-air bay club

// designer linens: luxe linen

friday favorites | calligraphy by rachel jacobson

you might say i have a knack for winning instagram giveaways. the first time around, i won a beautiful pair of earrings from emma holland denvir. a few weeks ago, when i heard rachel jacobson was giving away a beautiful handlettered piece featuring one of my favorite quotes i had no reservations in entering the contest–and soon enough, i won!

i was drawn to rachel’s work because not only is her calligraphy beautiful, but she also incorporates literary quotes into her pieces–and i absolutely love quotes. i first discovered her work after seeing a scroll she created for a styled shoot featuring a quote from rumi, and after that, i was sold! =) rachel specializes in wedding & event calligraphy and design.

here is a peek at my new piece of art featuring a quote on beauty by ernest hemingway. (thanks rachel!) and the next time you see a giveaway post while scrolling through your instagram feed, enter it! you never know what might happen…

happy friday!



ernest hemingway wedding calligraphy quote photo wedding calligraphy inspiration photo black and white chalkboard wedding calligraphy photo

a watercolor inspiration shoot with amber events!

over a year ago, i bought a pad of watercolor paper and an assortment of paints and brushes to inspire me to paint more often. i’ve used them sparingly since then, but i still consider the paints a worthy investment and look forward to the day when i can take some watercolor classes for fun! i hope that maybe in the future i’ll become even slightly as talented and advanced as one of my best friends, clara, but in the meantime my personal set of paints are sitting in a mason jar for a rainy day.

all this to say, i recently had the privilege of working with the amber events team on a collaborative shoot, and i was so excited when we chose the theme of watercolor wedding inspiration! i captured the process of creating watercolor table numbers, canvas signs, and banners. we even were able to have one of our brides who created watercolor invitations for her wedding join in on the fun, as a bona fide expert! ;) i had such a great time getting to know jackie, vanessa, and karly of the amber events team, and as well as our bride sara.

here’s a look at our watercolor wedding inspiration shoot! (and just in case you were wondering, at the end of the shoot i was able to indulge in my secret desire to be a better painter with my own watercolor creation, which you can see here!)

for more details on how to create watercolor wedding decor of your own, visit the amber events blog feature! and stay tuned for more posts featuring these lovely ladies and their insight on the coordination/design side of the wedding industry!

los angeles wedding photographer diy watercolor photowatercolor wedding inspirationwatercolor wedding inspiration diy photo southern california fine art romantic wedding photographer photo watercolor wedding inspiration photo watercolor event inspiration photo wedding photographer in los angeles photo watercolor wedding theme photo los angeles wedding photographer photo watercolor wedding inspiration photo watercolor wedding inspiration photo watercolor wedding inspiration watercolor wedding inspiration photo watercolor banner southern california fine art wedding photographer watercolor wedding inspiration photo los angeles wedding photographer watercolor inspiration photo los angeles fine art modern romantic wedding photographer photo photography by paulina - amber events - diy watercolor photo-2699_southern california romantic modern creative fine art wedding photographer photosouthern california fine art wedding photographer photo watercolor bannerwatercolor wedding inspiration decor table setup photo southern california and pasadena wedding photographer for creative weddings photo

event coordination & design // amber events

photography // photography by paulina

venue // daily dose cafe

3 things i know about success

how to be a successful photographer photo

when it comes to my career, i don’t consider myself someone who’s “arrived.” i want to continue to learn and grow and finesse my craft, especially as technology changes. i’ve been shooting professionally for years now, and i’m just now coming into my own as a photographer. that being said, i’m always a little pleasantly surprised when others reach out to me for advice, opportunity or to establish community. it’s been happening more often, though, which has served as a reminder that i do have something unique and valuable to say– that my story, and yours, is important.

here are three things i’ve learned about success along the journey:

1. whatever stage you’re at in life, there’s likely someone who inspires you and someone who is inspired by you.

after a while, your skills begin to feel second-nature (this is a good thing!) which sometimes can lead you to focus more on what you have left to learn and forget what you have accomplished. while it’s great (and necessary) to continue to learn and grow, don’t discount your ability to give back and share the knowledge you learned along the way.

2. success looks different for everyone.

for some, it might take the form of rising to the top of their chosen industry. for others, success might look more like creating the ability to stay home and be present for their children. the important thing is that you define what it looks like for you. that person whose life and accolades you wish you had may be dreaming about your life. don’t measure your life by someone else’s standards.

3. you can’t make it alone.

success usually doesn’t come in the form of champagne toasts and large parties (though it can, and definitely sometimes should!). more often than not, success comes in quietly: a private acknowledgement of yesterday’s hard work bringing your dreams to fruition today. the hundreds of emails sent, networking events attended, and “normal” everyday work of building the life of your dreams will add up in ways you cannot imagine. the important thing is that you keep going. you need a circle of friends, of fellow professionals, of artists, businesspeople, creatives, dreamers to help you see the light inside of you when you’ve lost your way. i’m so honored to have the privilege of getting to know some incredible wedding vendors, and am excited to be featuring them and their businesses on the blog in coming weeks!

so, if you’re having a tough week and are in need of some encouragement, i’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. i’m here to tell you to keep going.

i wrote this letter to you, dear reader, because no one sees your sleepless nights, the times you sit alone on the couch with your arms wrapped around your legs, crying and wondering if you’ll ever be good enough, if you’re doing the right thing, if you’re meant to be pursuing what you feel called to. no one ever sees those moments and no one ever tells those stories. so when you look at someone’s instagram feed and the voices of doubt lead you to wonder if you’re good enough and if you ever will be, know that you already are. know that you need no one else’s permission but your own. and once you give yourself permission to be your highest self, miraculous things will start to happen.

despite the hard days, i know how it feels to be running in circles smiling and laughing with abundant joy after finding clients who value you and your services and hire you to create something beautiful for them. the entrepreneurial life — the life of a small business owner– is not easy by any means, but it is so, so worth it. i don’t know how else to describe that.

with all my love,