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I believe in the intimate.

For me, it’s all about the little things – a tender glance, a touch, a secret kiss. I’m drawn to what goes unsaid… the parts of love that are communicated without words.  It brings me such joy to create art for you. I absolutely love telling love stories, and I strive to capture authentic moments & details. My style is photojournalistic and heavily inspired by romance. When I’m not behind the camera, you can probably find me reading or finding modern interior design ideas on pinterest (I love subway tiles!). I earned my BA in Psychology and International Relations from the University of Southern California, which pretty much means I’m obsessed with personality quizzes, and I love to travel.  

I buy way too many candles, and I love unique jewelry. I’m inspired by urban city streets, cobblestones and petit balconies, and pastel-coloured buildings resting along the aged roads of Europe. I cannot describe how wonderful it is to document your celebration of your love. I usually end up shedding a tear when you recite your vows, and laughing along when your best man gives his toast because I’m truly honored to be a part of your wedding day, and all of the moments that make up the beginning of your marriage.  

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 My philosophy

i believe that…


1. beauty is love, and when we are filled with love, it shows.
2. romance is a mystery and is something to treasure… every. single. day.
3. sunshine, giggles, and hugs are good for the soul.
4. travel is essential.
5. little else compares to seeing the smile your partner has just for you, and the butterflies you feel each time your eyes meet.
6. a notebook & pen should never be far from reach…& a cup of tea.

7. life is too precious to pursue anything that doesn’t make us come alive.
8. a city skyline and a clear, starry night sky are each awe-inspiring and beautiful in their own way.
9. we each were made with a divine purpose to fulfill…& that our passions are a pretty good roadmap to finding out what that is.
10. a little bit of sparkle adds some magic to the day.
11. learning never gets old.
12. family and friendships are two of the most valuable things in the world.

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let’s create something beautiful.

feel free to view wedding portraits on the blog, and contact me! i’d love to chat with you!